You Are No Longer in Control
What Are You Doing to Delight the Customer?

Business strategy today is changing rapidly because of the internet. Every day the shift in power from the manufacturer and retailer to the customer continues disrupting traditional business and purchasing patterns. As the availability of information online explodes (projected to be 6x by 2020 vs. content available in 2013) and mobile ubiquitous, consumers increasingly have all they need to make purchases from any source while they are at the "Zero Moment of Truth":

Every company wants to be customer-centric. Smart companies want to understand who their customers are, what those customers want and why they want it. They want to serve those customers in the way those customers expect—and increasingly, demand.

They want to find marketing and advertising strategies that will resonate with customers, delivered through the channels those customers actually read, listen to or watch. And in the era of social media, they want to find ways of engaging those customers online and off. 

To achieve this, organizations increasingly rely on Digital Marketing to pursue growth goals and enhance data-driven decision-making. Unfortunately, their approach has too often been to simply import their off-line promotional activities directly onto the internet. This idea has proven ineffective as a way to fully engage the power of Social Media to remarkably enhance their performance. 

Through Social Strategy, that's starting to change...just in time for organizations to gain the true added-value benefit of the internet - interactivity.

To succeed in today's world where business models can become obsolete overnight, you need a 21st century business model. Here's how to start.

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